K.HUNT (ketene) wrote,

How I Saved the Day

There's this guy I see at my job every couple days, he comes to my line a lot. He always buys Newport 100s. I don't know if everyone in my position does this, but I sort of know most of the regulars' cigarettes. I'm not sure if that's normal or if it's a symptom of my having a sponge brain lol. But anyway. He's usually grumpy and usually mumbles, and I usually repeat "Newport 100s?" just to make sure, just in case. He always just nods.

So yesterday while I was ringing him up I just happened to notice that he was playing with a walnut, like turning it over and over in his hands and tossing it up and down. Whatever, right? Then maybe two or three customers later someone finds a debit card on my counter and turns it in to me. It had a woman's name on it but I couldn't remember any women at my line using a debit card that recently so I wasn't sure who could've left it. But I noticed the guy had left the walnut, too. And then I wondered if it was his walnut, or if it had already been there and he just played with it while he waited for me to grab his cigarettes.

I went to go put the debit card in the change drawer, where we keep lost little things, and just because I DON'T KNOW WHY, CAUSE I'M WEIRD, I put the walnut there too. My manager was standing nearby so I had been like "Someone left a debit card and a walnut on my register, I'm putting them away in case anyone asks for them." David (manager) was laughing at me about the walnut and everyone within earshot was like "lol ur crazy why would you keep the walnut" and I was like I DON'T KNOW GUYS, IT'S FUNNY. David thinks I'm crazy lol. But like, in a good way. Like it's good-natured and endearing and he always chuckles when I say anything off beat. So anyway that was that, everyone thought I was nutso, and whatever.

THEN TODAY. The guy came back in. He mumbled for Newport 100s again. I repeated "100s?" again. As I was walking over to get him the cigarettes I glanced and saw the walnut was still there because I remembered him playing with it. Again, I wan't sure if it was his or if he'd just been playing with it. I also wasn't sure if the walnut and debit card belonged to the same person because I'd just been being silly, plus the name on the card was female. So I brought him his cigarettes and I'm like "Hey, this is a really weird question, but did you leave a walnut here yesterday?"

And he LIT THE FUCK UP, like I see this guy a few times a week and I've never seen him smile before, and he was like YEAH I DID, AND I LEFT MY DEBIT CARD. IT'S MY GIRLFRIEND'S, SHE'S SO PISSED AT ME.

So I got like REALLY EXCITED and I got his stuff for him, and I quizzed him on his girlfriend's name to make sure it was the right card, and I returned his walnut to him. Meanwhile, Newport 100s are like $9.72 and he was paying half bills and half coins, so he was there for a few minutes counting out all his change and apologizing about it. Then he was going "It's your fault! You started smiling at me and I got distracted!" And he goes "My girlfriend was so mad and totally accused me of losing it because of a girl and she was right!" and he was like "Next time I'm here I'm gonna buy you lunch!!!!" And he shook my hand and thanked me profusely and it was so fucking funny and cute and nice.

SO I WAS LIKE SO FUCKIN ECSTATIC THAT I RETURNED THE WALNUT. I felt like a fuckin hero. I told everybody because everyone laughed at me yesterday when I was like "No guys, I'm saving this walnut!"

David wasn't in today though omfg I can't wait to tell him on Monday haha.

And that was basically the highlight of my week!

My life is lol.

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