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28 February 1988
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Marriage is love.

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No, no. Psychopaths kill for no reason. I kill for MONEY.
{grosse pointe blank}

Yo. I'm Kayla. Kayla Hunt. A KHUNT, if you will. Or maybe you won't.

I am an artist and a metalhead, though I believe the two are related somehow. I like to have fun and do my best to be a sassy young woman. Ducks are my power animal. I post a lot of photos and talk about music. I take adventures into New York City to see concerts frequently and talk about that, too. And movies. I watch them. Too much. Cause I'm obsessed with Netflix. Check it out. Or don't. It's cool. Whatever. I write entires to purge thoughts out of my head and organize them--not for any other reason. Everything I say is my own opinion and interpretation--I am not an authority or critic, merely an observer.


outraageous; if you're ever in a jam, i'll be your
peanut butter

10 years, airheads, albert wesker, alfred hitchcock, alice in chains, american horror story, amon amarth, andy botwin, angel heart, antichrist, arch enemy, arnold schwarzenegger, arsonists-get-all-the-girls, assemblage 23, at the gates, audrey tautou, behemoth, being john malkovich, bill maher, black metal, black sabbath, breaking bad, burn after reading, christian bale, christian troy, columbo, cradle of filth, curb your enthusiasm, daniel craig, dark tranquillity, david fisher, devildriver, dexter, dexter morgan, dimebag darrell, dimmu borgir, donkey kong country, ducks, dÅÅth, eddie izzard, eisbrecher, emigrate, equilibrium, everlast, executive stoners, eye scream man, fieldy, finntroll, friday the 13th, g-virus, game of thrones, gene wilder, goodfellas, gorgoroth, grosse pointe blank, hannibal lecter, homeland, hunk, i, ian christe, immortal, in mourning, infected mushroom, james bond, james hetfield, james stewart, jason voorhees, jeff hardy impressions, jill valentine, johan hegg, john cusack, julien-k, jörn heitmann, kane, karl pilkington, king diamond, kirk hammett, koЯn, lady gaga, larry david, liquid metal, marijuana, marilyn manson, martin scorsese, massive attack, mehmet turgut, melodic death metal, metalheads, metallica, metalocalypse, michael c. hall, motörhead, mr. brooks, msnbc, murderdolls, nekrogoblikon, new york islanders, nip/tuck, oomph!, opeth, oranssi pazuzu, ozzy osbourne, pantera, photography, pizza, poppy z. brite, porcupine tree, portishead, puscifer, rachel maddow, rammstein, rear window, resident evil, richard kruspe, ricky gervais, rob dougan, rob zombie, satan, satyricon, seth rogen, shark tale, shaun of the dead, silent hill, simon & garfunkel, simon pegg, six feet under, smoothies, social anxiety, stephen king, stevie richards, suicide commando, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terminator 2: judgment day, the cell, the departed, the it crowd, the ricky gervais show, the royal tenenbaums, the undertaker, thomas kretschmann, trish stratus, true blood, tyrants, vast, wally lamb, walter sullivan, wesker/birkin, william birkin

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