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Cursos Internacionales Graduation

Since I mentioned getting a random night off I wanna do something productive instead of vegging out marathoning Netflix. SO HERE'S MORE SPAIN PICTURES LOL A YEAR LATER. Whatevs. I might post a more current set soon to balance it, I just have to look at what I've been shooting lately since I'm lazy.

Anyway this was one of the last days on the trip. We had a graduation ceremony and this was the reception after, plus a few photos I took on the way back OF THIS AWFUL STREET PERFORMER LOL. I DON'T KNOW WHY I DECIDED I NEEDED EVIDENCE OF HIM BECAUSE I REALLY DIDN'T. I JUST NEED OTHER PEOPLE TO SUFFER WITH ME LOL. And then there are a couple pictures from an Argentinian restaurant we went to that night.

There had been a photography contest for all the CI students and I entered it like because obviously. I submitted this and this, except SOOC cause that was part of the rules. I mean I didn't edit them heavily or anything but those are the versions that exist on the web so that's what you get haha. BUT THEN I DIDN'T WIN. =( I mean I wasn't all butthurt and self-righteous about it or anything but the photos that won were like. Awful. So I felt a little insulted lol. But it was whatever, I didn't really care, but then everyone else in my group, even the stupid girls that I didn't hang out with, were all deeply offended on my behalf and everyone came to me with their condolences LOL. The hung all the photos entered at the reception and I have a couple pictures of that too. There's a picture of these two people who were pointing and discussing my photos but I couldn't hear what they were saying/rapid español lol. But that was that. It's all good.

Suffolk also held a photography contest for all the study abroad students--all the other trips, too, not just Spain--but I didn't win that eitherrrrrr. My Spanish professor was convinced that I didn't win because the study abroad director has a personal problem with her. THE GUY IS KIND OF A PRICK TO BE HONEST. I talked about him once here lol. In the first part of the entry haha; the second part was about my stalker.

You know what else? I don't know if I ever wrote an entry about this. There was another awkward incident I had with this guy at one of the Spain meetings before we left. First of all, let's make it more awkward by the fact that I was like the only person there who was alone and didn't have one or both parents with me lol. But he was mentioning that some people still had an unpaid balance and he was calling random people up to give them paperwork and stuff. So then he calls ME up, and I immediately was like panicking because I was like I THINK I PAID EVERYTHING, OMG, WHAT HAPPENED, FUCK OMG. And I got really fucking nervous and went up there all shyly and stuff.

THEN before I even knew what was going on, he just starts making a speech about how I was the winner of the scholarship contest and he just presented it to me on the spot in front of everyone. Omg. I was like terrified lol. And like I'd already known I'd won the scholarship but it was just so unceremonious how he presented it to me and just like showed me off in front of, literally, everyone and their moms.

The best part about it was that a week or two into the trip once I was starting to get to know Brendan, we were talking about how this one kid on the trip was really butthurt that I won the scholarship over him, especially cause he was a creepy misogynist lol. Brendan was like "Oh man, it was so awkward when he presented that scholarship to you, too, it was like cringeworthy, you were so obviously not expecting it." LOL. I was like LOL THANKS I'M GLAD EVERYONE ELSE COULD TELL HOW UNCOMFORTABLE IT WAS.

haha it makes me laugh every time I think about it. I love Brendan.

Anyway here's pictures.

 photo 24_zps9d48c146.jpg

Andrea wanted a picture with Mike & Sebastian but she's like half their height LOL. So we took a million and it was hilarious. Even though these guys were usually really fucking obnoxious and embarrassing to be seen with in public, every now and then they'd wear me down and I'd find them really funny. I just would've appreciated if they'd chosen the right times and places to be funny instead of making complete assholes out of us as a group every time we went on a tour.

 photo 04_zps281ec20d.jpg  photo 06_zps919cf4ff.jpg
 photo 07_zpsa785fb1f.jpg  photo 01_zpscdfc95d0.jpg
 photo 09_zps1915b077.jpg  photo 03_zpsc71447a0.jpg
 photo 02_zps32b95eb9.jpg  photo 08_zps30765ee4.jpg
 photo 05_zpsadb56eec.jpg  photo 13_zps700e3a5a.jpg
 photo 10_zps51c7d29e.jpg  photo 12_zps091f4ef3.jpg
 photo 11_zps4e8f69b5.jpg  photo 16_zps6f2b89eb.jpg
 photo 17_zps59bce4fa.jpg  photo 30_zps937b91a5.jpg
 photo 19_zpse4f971e3.jpg  photo 18_zps614fb853.jpg
 photo 14_zps3bba188e.jpg  photo 15_zps36e98774.jpg
 photo 21_zps0a577115.jpg  photo 20_zps68d2042f.jpg
 photo 22_zpsd4a00f88.jpg  photo 26_zpsa812aa08.jpg
 photo 27_zps3bac2655.jpg  photo 25_zpsead27f65.jpg
 photo 23_zpsf4d714fa.jpg  photo 28_zpsa50dbcb4.jpg
 photo 29_zpsd79f6010.jpg  photo 33_zpsedbfd874.jpg
 photo 31_zps082f8612.jpg  photo 32_zpseea56206.jpg
 photo 36_zpsd87c8f5d.jpg  photo 35_zps7134b5cc.jpg
 photo 34_zpsfd02094d.jpg  photo 37_zps6515028b.jpg
 photo 40_zpsc84e4b90.jpg  photo 38_zps11b60132.jpg
 photo 39_zps0aaac2a5.jpg  photo 41_zps3aeaeec3.jpg
 photo 43_zpsc5e7110e.jpg  photo 44_zpsff31a0dc.jpg
 photo 42_zpse4a5c38e.jpg  photo 45_zpsa93a2262.jpg
 photo 49_zps6332829e.jpg  photo 46_zpsc86daff9.jpg
 photo 48_zps94e06227.jpg  photo 50_zpsd0e12a3a.jpg
 photo 52_zps35c0a38c.jpg  photo 53_zpse0e133f6.jpg
 photo 47_zpsa4487ae1.jpg  photo 54_zpscf496c3d.jpg
 photo 51_zpsc5387a27.jpg  photo 55_zps1efd3576.jpg
 photo 57_zpsad59f637.jpg  photo 56_zpsa00e4daa.jpg

So here's that street performer. Wash my eyes with bleach, it was so awful. =( I'M GONNA MAKE YOU WATCH IT, SHARE MY PAIN.

And here's another thing of Celeste trying to learn how to use the FUNNY CAT NOISEMAKER THING. We kept hearing these around the city during the festival and finally just bought some. I got one too LOL I was like THIS IS SOME CUTTING EDGE NOISE MAKER SHIT, NO ONE IN THE US WILL KNOW WHAT HIT EM. And then when I came home I proceeded to fuck with everyone with it for the rest of the summer haha.

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