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Avalon in Film & Digital

The last photo elective I took to graduate was The Black & White Silver Darkroom, and it was sort of an advanced darkroom class. I went in having never shot film before but the professor was awesome and he was really patient and enthusiastic about teaching me how to develop and print and didn't make me feel stupid for asking questions (like my other film professor had--consequently I wound up dropping her class) so I'd say by the second or third assignment I had caught up and felt really confident and was on the same level as everyone else.

The cool thing about that class was that for the most part it was technique based and not concept based, so we were usually allowed to shoot whatever we wanted as long as we were developing/printing in the ways that he was teaching us.

For my final project (which I'll post eventually) I did an installment where I shot both film and digital pictures in a cemetery to see what difference it made in the atmosphere and mood of the photos. And I hadn't just chosen to do it out of thin air; I had the idea because the meter on my film camera is broken, so all semester I had been using the meter on my digital and shooting both. So every project I did for film, I have the same photos in digital/color.

THAT SAID. I started bringing my negatives into work and printing them when I get bored/when it's slow. During school I didn't have time/resources to print every single photo I shot, but I like the idea of having little copies of them instead of just having the negatives. I've had them printed for a while but the other day I decided to put them onto discs so that I can play with them in Photoshop/post them around the interwebz. I was doing them in random order so I guess if I keep posting them they'll also be in random order, but I have two rolls so far.

The one I'm going to post today was from February 2nd. I met up with Gabbi and Celeste at Avalon Park and we just walked around for a while until we were too cold to deal anymore, and our faces were red and our fingertips weren't working. They had been planning to hang out anyway and invited me, and I was like OH MAN, OLD SCHOOL, CAUSE I HAVE TO SHOOT MY HOMEWORK. They'd graduated the semester before me so they were past the days of getting together to do homework haha.

This was my second roll of film, I think?, and when I had been rolling it up to develop it I accidentally cracked it. =( Later on in the semester I wound up making some fun art with the cracked pieces and I wound up being really happy with them, but if I had put the ripped strips of negatives into the Nortisu at work it would've jammed it. So the B&W's are like half the roll that I shot. There are more digital pictures obviously because I wasn't limited to one roll of film, but also because all the film photos aren't here. Wah. =(

But you can see what I mean about how I would meter with my digital and then match the settings for the film. I was doing it especially anally in the beginning before I was feeling more confident about film and everything. I was too paranoid about wasting money if I fucked up. But here's a sample, keeping in mind that the lenses had different focal lengths so they're slightly different:

 photo 07_zps04a64de4.jpg  photo 20_zpsc5da0084.jpg

ANYWAY. Here they are.

 photo 05_zps9c2478f5.jpg

 photo 01_zpse24faa47.jpg  photo 02_zps21f961ea.jpg
 photo 03_zpsf3af0204.jpg  photo 06_zps784e218e.jpg
 photo 04_zpsf62558ff.jpg  photo 07_zps04a64de4.jpg
 photo 08_zps4e4f6ec6.jpg  photo 09_zps28fbc642.jpg
 photo 10_zps8e6f72fc.jpg  photo 11_zpsb6bc4664.jpg

I'm not crazy about the quality of the digital files compared to the prints. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the resolution on the prints I made but the files are grainy as hell, which sucks. I guess my stuff at work is intended for regular people and their snapshots and stuff so the quality isn't going to blow my mind and I know that. One day if I get around to it I'll have to have them made at a real lab for professionals.

 photo 15_zps8e7111f0.jpg

 photo 12_zpsecea092a.jpg  photo 13_zps18025e63.jpg
 photo 14_zps6790286a.jpg  photo 16_zps92e41c92.jpg
 photo 17_zps3dd4783f.jpg  photo 19_zpsa97ad3a9.jpg
 photo 18_zpse5ad7bd1.jpg  photo 25_zps56d73dd1.jpg
 photo 20_zpsc5da0084.jpg  photo 21_zpsf3cab854.jpg
 photo 22_zpsd5b7a138.jpg  photo 23_zps1d1dc279.jpg
 photo 24_zps113f2c06.jpg  photo 27_zps3de1e1e9.jpg
 photo 26_zps6609b2fb.jpg  photo 28_zpsae9ba51a.jpg
 photo 29_zpsd9e83463.jpg  photo 30_zpsc7cd37be.jpg
 photo 31_zpsbd8120d2.jpg  photo 32_zpscc391a36.jpg
 photo 33_zps36d9569e.jpg  photo 34_zpsdb130f9f.jpg
 photo 35_zps9b229334.jpg  photo 36_zpse7087361.jpg
 photo 37_zpsbe49c905.jpg  photo 38_zps80120fa9.jpg
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