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Nemo with film

Some more film that I digitized while I was bored at work. This time they're pictures I shot during the blizzard back in February. I never wound up making prints of any of these in the darkroom and I'm not sure why. I think they just never really fit with what I needed for my projects. But I like them, they're fun.

I had actually posted the digital pictures pretty promptly at the time here! FILM MAKES IT LOOK SO MUCH MORE KVLT LOL.

Here's another comparison:

 photo 19_zps55d12631.jpg

What's kind of funny is that the digital photos are still so white from all the snow and there really wasn't much color in them anyway. I processed them to be a bit blue/pink just for atmosphere but that's it. So this was interesting. Still the film is quite grainy. SO GRIM.

 photo 14_zps00787d68.jpg

 photo 04_zpsef3071fa.jpg  photo 02_zpsa59980f1.jpg
 photo 01_zpsc09bb078.jpg  photo 03_zps9f283523.jpg
 photo 05_zps89990fcd.jpg  photo 06_zpsb3bad008.jpg
 photo 07_zpsa0d568ac.jpg  photo 10_zps6b84693d.jpg
 photo 08_zpsa1bce8b4.jpg  photo 11_zps4cf35271.jpg
 photo 12_zps95d769dd.jpg  photo 14_zps00787d68.jpg
 photo 17_zps20dde834.jpg  photo 19_zps55d12631.jpg
 photo 09_zps9349b3a4.jpg  photo 13_zpsccecf5b6.jpg
 photo 15_zpsbc01a876.jpg  photo 16_zps95d03da5.jpg
 photo 18_zps2f723ce5.jpg  photo 20_zps374d43ac.jpg
 photo 21_zpsad67f700.jpg  photo 22_zpsa190da4e.jpg

UPDATE ON THE PHOTOBUCKET FRONT: I decided to stick with it for now because UGH IT'S STILL THE MOST CONVENIENT ONE WHICH IS REALLY DISHEARTENING. It fits my needs the best even though it annoys the fuck out of me, like, the ads with sound that you can't mute. And the fact that it TAKES MY PHOTOS OUT OF ORDER WHEN I UPLOAD THEM which really really fucking irritates me because I have all my files named by ordered numbers. =( But still, I shopped around for other hosting services and the thing about Photobucket that I love/need is that you can copy the URL's/HTML codes without opening each picture individually. I'm still pissed off that they disabled one-click copying but I mean the ctrl+c won't kill me. =( If anyone finds a hosting site with this model please let me know, I've been looking around and nothing's doing it for me! =(

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